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Book your trips, with Triiip

Make the world a better place by booking best flights and hotels for your trip.

Here, there & back again

From your departure, hotels for each and every night, and the flight that takes you back. Triiip got everything for you, ready for booking, leaving you more time to prepare for your trip.

Book flights

Find the best flights for your trip, from departing to coming back.

Find the best hotels

Need a place (or many places) to stay during your trip? We also have you covered.

A Secretary for your trip

Accessing important and necessary information at each point during your trip cannot be easier. Everything you need to get on the airplane, everything you need to go to the next hotel, and much more. Triiip puts them there for you so you can focus and enjoy your trip and the world around you.

Make the world a better place

Booking anything with us, and we donate part of it to a featured charity on quarterly basis. Every quarter, a new charity is identified and featured. Your trip means difference to the world, and each quarter, differently.


Brought to you by experienced team

Weerachai Malisod

Co-Founder and CEO

Some years ago I asked myself how I could combine my passion for travel with the desire to start a business and approach things differently. The idea for Triiip emerged after a few months of working with my friends. I believes in the power of travel & technology can change the world better.

Satchatham Watha

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

I always wonder to myself. How the work or business I do can help any other? Triiip is the one thing about my business to answer my wondering moments. Every expenditure in the website, I share some of the profits to society. To help some human who is lack of opportunity to let them up. Because a good turn to help them are not only mine, but you are all. I trust in a little power can change to big thing. And become a power to make a great thing for our world.

Aussawin Kampoosan

Co-Founder and Director of Production

Founder of Appswin, a software-development company. Also own a restaurant, cryptocurrency mining farm and dog kennel. He also like to travel to learn, reflect, and most importantly, have fun.

Rawitat Pulam

Tech Partner and Acting CTO

Founder of Code App, a CTO-as-a-Service company. 15+ years in IT industry as developer, consultant, startup accelerator program judge & mentor. Also taught computer science at major university for 10 years. Last, but not least, wants to build an app and platform he'd love to use for his love travel for landscape and culture photography (as well as mandatory business trips).

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